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California Mortgage Rates

Looking for the latest and best mortgage rates in California? Look no further because makes it really easy.

Locally Owned

California Mortgage Rates is family owned and operated from right here in this great state. We’re bringing the hometown feel right here online.

Best Rates

We shop around while keeping you in the loop to find the best mortgage rates in California. This company is devoted to making sure you get the best without getting scammed.

Easy Process

Getting the latest mortgage rates here in California should be fast and simple, and we aim to make that happen. You can either fill out a simple form or give us a call to speak directly with our team.

Our Story

We are a family of California locals who care about the communities here. Our goal is to provide people with the best loans and loan experience possible. We guide people so they do NOT get taken advantage of by the Big Banks. It’s time YOU take advantage of the banks NOW.

Our Services

Our team shops banks from across the country to provide you with the lowest rates at the time of your inquiry. Because our network is so vast, it doesn’t matter if you have great credit or if your filed bankruptcy yesterday, our team has a loan for you.

Live Life

We understand that your home is your castle and we want everyone the best chance at that California Life. We have it so good here and we’re so thankful for that and we couldn’t do it without you.

Mortgage Rates In California

Getting the latest California Mortgage Rates from us is simple, easy and available online, by text or email. Rates change often and dealing with different brokers can be a headache. We utilize over two decades of California mortgage broker experience that fights for you to get the best deal.


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Get A Mortgage

If you’re ready to talk to a California mortgage broker then please just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch ASAP. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask away.